June 21, 2007

Twit, twit, twittering along

ok, so I've taken the plunge into a social networking tool that most of you have probably heard about, Twitter. I've been hearing so much about it for the last several months that I finally decided to try it out... so my TwitterID is desertlibrarian. I've invited the one person I actually personally know on Twitter to be my friend, I just hope I did it the right way - I haven't found anything that allows you to "Add other Twitter friends", only an invite to join by email. Maybe Chris can help me with that... if he wants to be my friend :-D Come be my Twitterfriend! (I did add a Twitter app to my Facebook account... quite addictive... danger, Will Robinson, danger!)

All this is because I don't want to tackle what to do with a bunch of drawings that have already been assigned numbers, and exist, but because our subsystem assemblies have just been rearranged, those numbers are no longer correct *sigh* it's a big mess, and one that the folks who muck about with the WBS don't think about - they just go "Sure, make this change!" and then I have to actually fix all the various places that refer to it. (Arrgh. OK, I'm done whining for now.)

We're up to 98° now.

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