June 8, 2007

SLA: Day 4

The final day of the conference came very, very early for those of us who'd closed out the Gold Digger's Ball on Tuesday night... groan! But we were perked up pretty quickly by an amusing (but, sadly, generic) talk by Scott Adams of Dilbert fame. He's a funny speaker - vocal disorder notwithstanding - I just wish he'd tailored it a bit to his audience. With all the Dilbert cartoons featuring librarians, he didn't use a single one...

Afterwards I attended the Astronomy Roundtable I (but missed II, so I hope someone posts a summary someplace!). Later in the evening I went on the tour of the historic Chamberlin Observatory (photos coming soon!). What an amazing opportunity this was - I work mostly with new telescopes, and the chance to see an antique still in use (albeit for public viewing only) was just cool. In addition to a brief history of Chamberlin, we were given the opportunity to view Saturn through the telescope. Squee!

Then it was time to stagger back to the hotel room, finish packing, and try and get some sleep.

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