June 4, 2007

SLA: Day Two

After the synergy session today, I spent some time in the exhibit hall and then headed to the PAMwide Roundtable, which I was moderating. I won't post much (it was great, ha ha!) but I did get a great photo of the speakers. Then I was faced with two conflicting sessions: one by Roy Tennant, and one from Google. I started out in one and ended up in the other, then I ran back to the hotel to drop off my out-of-power laptop (I'd forgotten my power cord) and grab some paper.

Back to the conference center for the Technical Support roundtable, which was very valuable and I deeply hope will be on the schedule next year in some form.

Now I'm off for dinner with the Hawaiian Librarians, then plan to split my evening between the PAM Open House and the SciFi Open House... unless I decide to come back to the hotel room and obsessively rehearse my talk one more time...

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