June 5, 2007

SLA Day Three: AM

Well, I just finished up with the annual Business Meeting, which is always a good way to find out what's going on with the division at large. Our chair surprised some of us with thank-you certificates and pieces of fossilized dinosaur bone - very cool!

While there are events going on between now and Spectacles, I'm not going to go to any of them - I'm going to go back to my hotel and run through the talk a couple more times, do some final tweaking, etc. I'm meeting my moderator at 2pm to walk through the introduction and make sure the tech support for the projector is in place, and then it'll be TIME.

Then I can decompress afterwards - woo hoo! Drinks of some type with Stephen Abram (probably coffee), then the book discussion group, followed by the Gold Digger's Ball (for which I am now a greeter!)

(Gonna be 103° back home today, but only 81° here in Denver. I love the heat, but it's lovely here!)

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