June 4, 2007

SLA Day One: Sunday

I'm having problems getting access in my hotel, so posts may appear the day after from the lovely Blogger's Lounge that SLA has so kindly provided...

Sunday was taken up with the Newcomer's Lunch (nicely attended in the beautiful historic Brown Palace Hotel), followed by the opening of the exhibits and the PAM board meeting (many board-y things were discussed). The opening keynote session by Al Gore was quite cool - who knew he was so darned funny? And he did a very good job of talking to his audience - no canned speech here, but a speech (primarily politics and the climate crisis, which we were expecting) sprinkled throughout with references to libraries, librarians and our importance in the coming information economy. (Lots of applause there!) I was very impressed with his speech, as were many others (given the many effusive postings on the SLA blog). The evening ended (for me, at least) with the Early-Bird Dinner at the Wynkoop Brewing Company. Tasty wheat beer!

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