July 25, 2006

Taking a kitty away from a kitty....

Check out Files Are Not For Sharing, by Matthew Baldwin and Goopymart. Sadly, I think this is how a lot of folks see file sharing, especially the brainiacs currently running our gov'mint.

Currently only a piffling 98°!

July 20, 2006

I hate Access.

No, really, today I honestly do. I get ->thisclose<- to getting it to do what I want, but I can't seem to successfully take that last step. It's making me insane.

Maybe I'll go back to playing with CSS for a while. At least I enjoy that. This is like pulling teeth by slamming doors. Sigh.

Currently 104°...but at least here we're used to it. I feel bad for the folks in Eugene, OR.

July 12, 2006

Style Sheets R Kewl

I've spent the last two days doing some really in-depth digging into CSS to try and take myself from the level of "complete and total clueless newbie" to just "newbie". I'm so pleased with what I've learned, and I've got such ideas for the next round! And to top it all off I've finally got MPOW's website properly using CSS for layouts instead of using tables (which is bad, I know it, it just took me a while to fix it). I'm now playing around with a copy of the style sheet for the website and seeing what else I can fix, display better, or streamline. I'm so excited! (Yeah, I know, but hey! This is quite nifty!)

Currently 97° on the way to a projected high of 107°. Bleah.

July 7, 2006

When it rains, it pours

Holy cow! Another river-filling monsoon storm just hit us and it's really coming down:

Monsoon Storm Monsoon Storm

Also see the Arizona Webcam for a view of the city from the University of Arizona.

Currently... well... storming!

Catching Up, Part 2

As the catching-up-on-blogs-and-journals continues, here's a few more tidbits I've found:

* Perfect! Found on TechEssence.Info, the HTTrack Website Copier will solve a problem I've recently been faced with at work. I love finding resources like that! (BTW this is an awesome blog for library infotech information.)

* Rockin'! The BlogHer conference is totally sold out - now that's a conference I'd like to attend. Maybe next year!

* I've just discovered TechDirt. Joy!

* Give some love to LII.org via their CafePress store. Karen and the gang need all the help they can get right now - both financially and getting the word out about what they do!

* Today, in catching up on all this, I added six new blogs to my blogroll. Oof.

* I shall leave you with a reminder that when you need to lighten up (or read a truly interesting take on 24), there are few things better than Dave Barry's Blog.

Currently (at 4:55pm, not the earlier timestamp here; that's what happens when you leave an entry open all afternoon, I now know!) a damp (but not actively raining) 77° (the low so far today according to the NWS!). (one last parenthetical comment, just for fun.)

Congratulations, Jenny!

See, I'm so far behind I've only just discovered that ALA has hired Jenny Levine! Wow.... that's awesome, and huge congrats to Jenny! This may make me rethink my decision not to rejoin ALA; they're obviously interested in moving into the 21st century and maybe, between Jenny and Leslie Burger, I can start actually getting something out of it. Hmm....

Currently 92° and very, very dark and threatening to the east....

Catching Up, Part 1

I've only just caught up with my workload and am now starting to catch up on blogs and journals. So here's a random list of interesting things that I've come across, that either made me think, made me laugh, or both!

* ALA sounded like an interesting meeting. Sometimes I wonder if I should rejoin it, but I get so much more out of SLA...

* I want this job: Technology Innovation Librarian. I love my job but this just sounds TOO cool.

* Ha! You've gotta read the Annoyed Librarian's Library School Coursework post. Now, why didn't I have these classes in grad school?

* Google has joined the Net Neutrality fray. (If you aren't yet aware of the Net Neutrality issue, get aware!) (via ArsTechnica)

* Vista is coming. Now, I rant a lot to my coworkers about Windows and all the problems we have with it, but let's face it, we're a Windows shop. (With, thank the heavens, a solid underpinning of Unix machines for our file servers...!) Are we ready for Vista? (Well, I know one of my guys is; he just got a smashingly fabulous 64-bit Dell that I'm positively slavering over. Yeah, yeah, I don't need 64-bit functionality for what I do, but DANG it's a nice machine.) (via ArsTechnica)

* Warning: Political comment! I wholeheartedly agree with Scott Adams - well said, Scott! No, not about Dilbert; about the whole ruckus over flag-burning. I'm a liberal. I'm also a military brat, and proud of it. I have a very healthy respect for our country, our military, and our servicemen and women who are serving both. However, I can't say the same thing about our government. The flag is a symbol of our country, not our country itself, and dang it, if we're sending folks to die to keep freedom alive, shouldn't we be allowed to practice that same freedom right here at home? (OK, this is a biblioblog, so I'll stop now before the real ranting kicks in.)

* Mmm, a new journal in my field: The Journal of Web Librarianship. (via LibrarianInBlack)

* Wow, another cool new tool! Byoms let you create personalized IM searches; for example, you can IM a question to Wikipedia, and the system will IM an answer back to you. Nifty!
(via LibrarianInBlack)

OK, that's it for this morning. I'll do another catch-up post after this afternoon's readings.

Currently 92° and 34% RH. Just enough to be slightly icky...

July 5, 2006

Watch This Movie

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", with Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer. We laughed so hard we almost fell off the couch... "ficus" still sends me into small snorting fits. Just watch it!

Now 93° and 36% RH, but the clouds are building over the mountains... it'd better rain, I voted yes today in our Monsoon Madness game!

(Update: About an hour after posting this, we had 100% humidity and 2-block visibility. Our first real arroyo-buster!)

Aah, rain

Finally! The monsoon season has officially started (as of June 28th - they have to wait for three days of a certain dewpoint then backdate) and we've had rain every day for the past week! Not a lot, but any is better than what we've had since last October, which would be "practically none". Hurrah!

Currently 86° and 49% RH. Bring on da rain!