July 7, 2006

Catching Up, Part 2

As the catching-up-on-blogs-and-journals continues, here's a few more tidbits I've found:

* Perfect! Found on TechEssence.Info, the HTTrack Website Copier will solve a problem I've recently been faced with at work. I love finding resources like that! (BTW this is an awesome blog for library infotech information.)

* Rockin'! The BlogHer conference is totally sold out - now that's a conference I'd like to attend. Maybe next year!

* I've just discovered TechDirt. Joy!

* Give some love to LII.org via their CafePress store. Karen and the gang need all the help they can get right now - both financially and getting the word out about what they do!

* Today, in catching up on all this, I added six new blogs to my blogroll. Oof.

* I shall leave you with a reminder that when you need to lighten up (or read a truly interesting take on 24), there are few things better than Dave Barry's Blog.

Currently (at 4:55pm, not the earlier timestamp here; that's what happens when you leave an entry open all afternoon, I now know!) a damp (but not actively raining) 77° (the low so far today according to the NWS!). (one last parenthetical comment, just for fun.)

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ElisaC said...

Hi! Just wanted to clarify that while Day One of BlogHer is totally sold out, it is still possible to purchase tickets for Day Two, which has a jam=packed schedule.

You can even buy a ticket to the Day One cocktail party and kick off BlogHer partying by the pool :)

Registration is here.