June 28, 2007

One for the Solar Folks

OK, so my day job is with a solar observatory, and my educational background is in astronomy; and (thanks to a Twitterfriend) I've recently discovered Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Blog. Great stuff! A recent posting both made me laugh and shake my head... sheesh, what were these people thinking? Go forth and check out "Is the Sun from another galaxy?", enjoy the illustrations (I've actually printed out the Evil Sun sketch), and bask in the well-written smackdown. (OK, well, I basked in it. Love it when folks can smack a stupid idea down without being our sounding stupid themselves.) And - get this - Phil posts again today with a followup about the attention he's been getting, and a correction to something in his original post. Great stuff!

Almost - but not quite - 106°.

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