June 21, 2007

Morning Musings

At this point in my life there are few things greater than a big, enthusiastic and somewhat slobbery smooch from my kid, followed by "I love you Mommy!" as he runs off to his school class. One of the few things greater is his holler of "Mommy!" and a charge from across the room for a huge hug when I go pick him up.... aah.

Today is brought to you by the letters CMS and the number 3, as in third time's a charm and I'm back on the Drupal project. I've had an unfortunate encounter with SELinux and now know more about touch autorelabel than I ever did before...although I still don't know what happened to set it off (well, I do know what happened, the file system renamed httpd with a _t suffix, which is bad. What I don't know is why it renamed it.) Today I hope to get the Drupal service back up and delivering base data, then I'm off to find a theme that's close to what I want the site to look like. (This is my homework from my Drupal consultant, after getting httpd back running again!)

Currently only 86° but the heat advisory warning stays in place. I actually find myself anxious for the monsoon to start, even though I know we'll all be miserable in the humidity. Give us some rain, Mother Nature! (Please?)

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