November 6, 2012

IL2012: Transforming Knowledge

Now that two weeks have passed, which is about a week and a half longer than I planned on, I need to get my thoughts and notes down about this year's Internet Librarian conference. As always, Jane and the ITI folks did a smashing job!

These may not be much use to someone who wasn't there; they're more my notes to myself about things to remember, things to check out, and other "stuff like that". If you do find it useful, fantastic!

There's also a Fusion Table of all the tweets from the conference

Day One: Monday, October 22

Transforming Knowledge in the Age of the Net, by David Weinberger.

Digitization is networked - so much more than just taking a digital picture of the text

Library as platform
- unifying framework
- take social networking seriously

Knowledge networking: We've accepted the inherent limitations of the form of knowledge  (books) - we have to filter the medium, and that has shaped the nature of knowledge itself

Knowledge is that which has settled. It's also a series of stops. Ask a questions, get an answer, move on.

Knowledge now lives in the networks - not the nodes, but the network itself.

We are no longer locked into the rectangle of knowledge dissemination - book, newspaper - we now can get all kinds of info from far outside that box.

Peer review isn't scalable

The net exposes a long hidden truth: we don't agree about anything.

One other limitation: knowledge until now has been within a single classification. No longer!

We are getting better at disagreeing about things.

Software developers now live in the fastest most efficient and effective learning environment ever
- humility and generosity. Admit they can't do it, toss it out for others to see, copy, and use.
- The power of iteration. Public learning.

Echo chamber effect.

Must continue to teach appreciating differences.

Reddit example (made me laugh!)

Back to library as platform:  Range of services is paramount.

Metadata is what we know, data is what were looking for - use the metadata as a lever to get out the data. Everything is now a lever!

Suggested changes to Ranganathan's Five Laws:  every book its network.

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