November 6, 2012

IL2012: Google Search Secrets

Google Search Secrets: 50 Tips! by Greg Notess

Some similar tips as MEB - personalization, location, etc.

Limit by site, limit by title (intitle: or allintitle:)

Can limit Google image search by size or by usage rights (CC) - can also search ON an image! Either upload or by URL, via Google image search, to find other locations with that image. Can be used to identify!

Google Advanced Search is very useful, but also hard to find. If you see a gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen, you can click on that to find the "Advanced Search" option. But the gear isn't always there, so bookmark the following websites:
Metrics are useful for journal citation research...

Web authorship programs?

Trends, insights have been combined

Do not use + as part of the Google search term now - it searches Google circles

Rankpanel - trying to demystify search parameters

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