November 6, 2012

IL2012: Drupal Nuggets

Drupal Nuggets: Themes, Modules, and Users, by:

Anne Platoff, UC Santa Barbara librarian
Ian Lessing, UC Santa Barbara programmer
Dillon Moore, Wilfred Laurier Univ
Joelle Rosen Queens Borough Public Lib

Full paper from UCSB for leveraging Drupal capabilities on the conference web site.

IT look over UCSB sites - used press flow variant for speed, some caching mechanisms, mem cache, boost module

Definitely check out memcache - keeps all the same things I local cache versus a new call to the server each time.  Also boost module, which caches the entire page on the server side - they found it sped up their Drupal delivery noticeably.

Moore - node herding! Heh. Theme and layout modules.

Really need to learn how to master context and panels and views - the creator of panels is also the creator of views, and learning one helps a lot with the other -

Display suite module allows you to take over some of the markup definitions for different displays.  It kind of replaces editing of the template files directly, but with more granularity.

Queens library redesign - users said bring back the old site! How to deal with that when you know you're providing a better site?

Each presenter but the last talked about caching as a way to speed things up.

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