November 6, 2012

il2012: Super Searcher Tips

MEB never ceases to amaze - within 5 minutes of the start of her session, I had learned something new!

Super Searcher Secrets, by Mary Ellen Bates

Google - their algorithms change based on more than just terms - speed of typing, length of time on page, order of words, all of that! I had no idea. Try each search x3 and reorder words for different search results.

Use ~word for more synonyms, use Verbatim filter to avoid all synonyms

Can block certain domains if logged into chrome - like and! Check into this.... for manually blocking in other browsers

Blekko has petty powerful slash tags for filtering, combining, etc.

Twitter - you can search limited by local area! example: Whales near:Monterey within:15mi

Private searching - and - totally anonymous, unlinked to your identity, location, computer, etc

Can search LinkedIn and limit to zip code and within radius. Can see what companies are hiring the most in a particular area.

Check out NoodleTools - "Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need"

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