November 6, 2012

IL2012: Libraries Transformed

Libraries Transformed, by Lee Rainie

Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project report -

Pew Internet caught by the Onion! Ha!

Data to take back and prove that things are changing and we have to change to meet it.

88% US adults use Internet, 66% have at home.

Biggest change of this is the increase of creators - social networking, photos, videos, ratings and rankings, tags, comments, twitter, blogger... All of those are creations.

Blogging as blogging is decreasing because more people are logging it now on social networking sites and don't call it blogging anymore.

89% of US adults and just under 80% of teenagers have mobile phones.

We are starting to see more than one device per person.

Social networking by 59% of US adults!

Social media is the new neighborhood.

Tablets are on the rise, now one third of adults own at least one device (tablet, ebook reader) - but people are doing different things on smartphones than on their tablets/ereaders. - Big project to study the changing roles of libraries, funded by gates foundation. Full reports that the above tidbits are from can be found here.

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