October 29, 2007

IL2007: Super Searcher Tips

Mary Ellen Bates - always an entertaining speaker, lively presentations, some good things to check out!

goofresh - G-searches for new content within a specified time range

check out ResearchBuzz newsletter

doubletrust.net - compares Google and yahoo results, choose a preference of results

yahoo's mindset feature - are you researching or shopping?

MSN's synonym suggestion tool - will also show common misspellings

MSN's misspelling correction engine

live.com's "prefer" option

live.com's academic search

don't forget: there is life after the first 10 search results!

Ask's map features - driving *and* walking directions, takes local topography into account

exalead - check it out, there are so many cool features (it's MEBates' fave engine) - try the "near" operator and their wild-card truncation

Try the quick-answer features sometime - most SE's have them now - Ask's is most featured

Gigablast - limit to multiple sites; has powerful query syntax options

SnapSearch - can interact with a retrieved site before visiting it

PageBull - entirely visual, good for right-brained searchers

Squidoo - hybrid site; possible way to share with colleagues?

factbites - quick, small factual bits of information - will give sentences instead of words for search results - BUT max 30 results

TextRunner - looks for assertions - experimental site

NationMaster - source for national stats in graphical format

TouchGraph - visual clustering engine, IE only

OneLook - a reverse dictionary! like data=mining a dictionary

Kosmix - nice clustering search engine - lets you filter by criteria

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