October 30, 2007

IL2007: SLA dinearound

A group of 9 of us collected to check out Cafe Fina and talk story - we ended up scooping up another librarian from another table and sucked her right into our group as well! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures because there was a sudden eddy in the space-time continuum when it came time to get and pay the bill... plus, be it noted, Cafe Fina charges for the water the waiter offers you at the start of the meal. They didn't tell us that - just asked us as we sat down if we wanted water, and we of course all said yes - it ended up being $5 per person by the end of the evening! We asked for it to be taken off the bill as we were not informed there was a charge for it, but management declined to do so. It was a rather down ending to what had been an enjoyable and lively meal...

And it made us 30 minutes late to the Tuesday night session! Arrgh!

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