October 30, 2007

IL2007: I'm at Web 2.0, are you?

(Both speakers were very lively and entertaining!)

Sarah Palmer, American Bar Association

Finding that trying to get to 2.0 apps problematic, users still don't see a computer as a multi-tool, but as a typewriter or fax machine. They also think that if it's something their kids use, it can't be a business application.

Another issue is terminology - users think the names are weird - don't understand RSS but do understand newspaper, don't understand wiki but do understand web site. Did many training sessions, including one on just a technology glossary...learned to keep it discrete (don't teach too many topics at once).

Don't forget: it may not be new to you, but it's new to them.

David Alsmeyer, British Telecom

Had no idea BT was so widespread!

What's the best thing you've done to reach your customers? And what have you always wanted to try but been afraid to? (F2F explanation, and letting them take action/responsibility for their own sections of the web site)

Tour of the BT library personalized web options and info spaces - very cool!

Had a hypothesis that academics would be more aware of 2.0 apps than working group; replicated a SPIRE survey at BT and discovered the opposite was true!

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