October 30, 2007

IL2007: Gadgets, Gadgets, and Gaming

As previously mentioned, I was 30 minutes late to this session so missed out on all the gadget talk, dang it! But - I gotta say - the gaming and future of libraries section by the Delft Public Library guys was awesome. I haven't been so engaged by a presentation in a long time - I stood for the whole thing and didn't notice it at all! They're blogging and posting interviews, etc online at Shanachie Tour - and there's a documentary coming soon, too.

I've seen postings from Jenny at Shifted Librarian and Michael at Tame the Web about these guys before but didn't really have an idea about what they were doing - but dang, it's great! Keep an eye on their tour and documentary - we saw some great things being said and done in libraries today.

Very cool! (Plus, they sounded like home to me...)

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