October 29, 2007

IL2007: Opening Keynote

(Opening statements were quite enjoyable! Contest for retronym for "non-Internet Librarian" - on conference survey forms. Must come up with something!)

Lee Rainie from Pew - slides will be online, find and link

bit of blogger ego-boost :-) quite amusing; he began using blogger and IRC feedback to justify internet research to the higher management

8 hallmarks of new digital eco-system

1) media gadgets a part of daily life now
2) internet is at the center of the revolution (73% penetration into american adult section; 93% teenagers)
3) new gadgets allow communication everywhere (mobile wireless use is rising dramatically) college students living in the future now
4) ordinary citizens can be content creators; blogs, facebook, etc - but it's all so integrated now it's hard to tell how many kids are "blogging" when they think of it as just posting to their facebook site (for example)
5) all those content creators have an audience
6) many are sharing to build conversations and communities... share what they know, what they feel, etc - info evaluation, tagging, comments on posts, etc.
7) we're customizing our online experience with 2.0 tools
8) different people use tech in different ways

last major interview set "what kind of internet user are you":
9 major tech user groups (and 1 non-user group) - this is the survey from a few months ago (I'm a connector)

50% of the population falls into the low-tech crowd
only 8% are omnivores

what does this connectivity do for us? changes our relatioships - to information, and to each other

Action item: Think of yourself as an information conduit!

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