October 29, 2007

IL2007: Cool Tools for Webmasters

Frank Cervone and Darlene Fichter - always a great talk!

Sketchcast - basically whiteboard on the web, with audio - could be a useful way to illustrate a concept, similar to a webconference -

JingProject - instant screen capture tool, can share via IM (good for showing how to change a setting, for example) - can also be used with video and audio - use for the How To pages!!

Piknik - very cool image editor, works within IE and FireFox... hmm... heard good things about this before this session, will have to go check it out. ***Can capture full page with this no matter how many screens it takes!!!

***SlideShare (presentation from this session will be posted there, too) - can also add audio to a slide show!

Other PPT sharing tools: Scribd, SplashCast, ZohoShow, SlideAware

thumbalizr - quick thumbnail of screen or entire page, in a URL grab

DiffDaff - tool to compare files, folders, or web pages (Unix diff command for Windows) - handy to compare, say, the folder on a desktop with a folder on a thumb drive and see differences.

SOAP Sonar - tests and analyzes web services

Evolved - graphic display editor for HTML/scripting (html in blue, context tags in purple, javascripting in green, etc - adapts to whatever language you're using)

For Perl (on windows): check out perl express - same type of syntax highlighting

Photo Slideshow - Create a photo slideshow Flash animation out of static pictures on your machine. Similarly, Flashgallery Generator, which is XML.

Google Sitemap Builder

Google Coop CSE (can now integrate into site much more cleanly)

Flog Blog - Facebook app - also BlogFriends

KeePass - store all pwds in one database, locked with a master key - w00t!

Check out Undelete, Unstoppable Copier, Simple File Shredder as well - small but useful utilities, can carry around on a thumb drive

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practical katie said...

Thanks for the list. Once again, I've never even heard of these things!