March 2, 2007

Woe is me

OK, maybe "woe" is too strong a word... but I'm a wee bit frustrated. I had a really great Drupal training session last Wednesday with Cary Gordon of The Cherry Hill Company; remember that rosetta stone I was lamenting missing? Well, he was it! After getting an overview of the site as I had it set up and hearing what I was aiming for, he went through the administrative screens with me, explained that without certain additional modules I wouldn't be able to do what I was wanting to do, then showed me how to install modules (it's not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be). We then discussed 4.7 versus 5.1, and he strongly recommended (since I was starting from scratch and not dealing with a legacy system) that I mosey on up to 5.1 and set it up from there.

I finished the training session with gladness in my heart; and then promptly got sucked into a series of problems with our EDMS (which I am not going to go into, save to say I'm very glad our technical support guy is now in San Francisco instead of outside London). Here it is over a week later and I'm only just getting around to downloading 5.1! Ah well. At least I feel pretty confident that I can get it downloaded and the basic system installed by CoB today, and maybe next week I can get those modules installed and do some real messing around with it.

Lessons learned thus far:

* Don't be afraid to ask for help!
* Modules make the system
* It's not a bad idea to start with the most recent supported version.

Currently a brisk and windy 60° - but hey, the sun is shining, so it's not all bad!

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