March 28, 2007

Random Musings du Jour

* It takes for-freakin'-ever to copy 27GB (give or take a couple of gigs) of data on a USB1.1 connection.

* I have TWBB (The World's Best Boss). He told me this morning that, after the current going-on-four-weeks crisis is over (hopefully next week), he wants me to TAKE A BREAK from wrestling with this product. Just walk away for a while, and work on some of my other yummy-yet-postponed projects (like my CMS project, which I miss and has been put on hold for this current crisis). Awesome!

* Nothin' to do with systems librarianship, but everything to do with my life: A mommy friend sent this article to our discussion list: The Opt-Out Myth. Very interesting read, especially as one of those women who wasn't willing to give up a career to have a family. I'm thankful I wasn't forced to make the "choice" to stay at home.

* I always feel better (and like dancing) when I watch Daler Mehndi's "Tunak Tunak Tun" video.

After a windstorm Tuesday, we have a calm but very dusty 60° day today. We need some rain to wash all this dust out of the air!

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