March 15, 2007

RefGrunt, 14 March

An interesting exercise...

8:30am Arrive at work. Make coffee, the nectar of the gods.
Install software package on user's laptop.
VNCviewer fix on Macbook.
IM: Track down someone.
Print several sets of change request forms.
Video capture/recreate problem for technical support.
Install new USB KVM switch and wireless KM combo on user's desktop.
Enterprise Rights Management research, view demo.
Review & proof newsletter draft.
Blog: USA Today's Tech_Space (new to me)
Windows update, with inevitable reboot.
Change Control Board meeting
Update change request forms after meeting, submit for approval, file hard copies, update systems database.
Verify workflow notification setup for user not getting notifications. There's a problem somewhere...
Summary email of forthcoming changes to document vault, WBS and ICD chart to staff (this also serves as my to-do list for the next week).
System upgrade timing issues and discussions.
Install software package on user's laptop.
Leave at 4:00pm for doctor's appointment.

Weather yesterday was wicked for mid-March; we hit 87° and are likely to hit 90° today. Sigh. It's too early for this....

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