March 22, 2007

Coming Soon: A Smarter Web

A neat read by John Borland in Technology Review, "Part I: A Smarter Web" discusses how we've progressed from Melvil Dewey towards the Semantic Web. It's great to read about how Eric Miller (a big kahuna in the Semantic Web world) got that our (that is, librarians') skill at organizing information is necessary to bring some kind of order to the chaos that is Web-based data.

"Part II" continues with a discussion of the issues facing bringing the Semantic Web into the real world - lots of folks are doing lots of things but most of it seems to still be behind the corporate scenes. And there's a big question as to whether the unstructured data of the Web can, or will, ever truly become structured data. It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next few years.

It's a brisk, windy 69° right now - and we had rain last night, and the promise of more to come today and tomorrow. Hurrah!

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