March 22, 2007


Tagged (kinda) by Rachel over at Liminal Librarian, here are five of my regularly-read non-library blogs:

* Neil Gaiman's Journal, because, hey, it's Neil Gaiman.

* John Scalzi's Whatever. Great writer, funny man, wicked posts. I'm currently in a "Get everything he's ever written" modality.

* WWdN: In Exile. Wil Wheaton (yes, the geeky kid from Star Trek: The Next Generation) is a interesting read, any day: poker, parenting, gaming, being the geeky kid from ST:TNG, poetry, User Friendly... it's all good stuff. (Word choice is not always SWF; you have been warned.)

* Thomas Dolby's Blog. Music, tech stuff, geekery. What's not to like?

* New Urban Legends, from Snopes. Always good for either a "Huh, I didn't know that" or "You've got to be kidding me!".

Bonus blog: The Dilbert Blog. If you think Scott Adams is only about Dilbert, read on and learn otherwise.

It's not raining yet...

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