March 9, 2007

The Struggle Continues

So, here it is Friday afternoon and I've not blogged one entry this week! Sheesh!

I was successful in upgrading the webdev server to Drupal 5.1 - but boy, is the admin interface different! I'd just finally gotten used to the options in 4.7 and where everything was, and it's not quite the same. I installed the same modules that Cary installed with me during my tutorial - tinyMCE and IMCE - except even after checking that authorizations were set and the modules were enabled, they still aren't showing up in the actual content entry page. I don't know what I did wrong, and I can't find anything about a similar problem. Am I the only one who's messed up in this particular way? I can't believe that. I've even been in and out of the "Administer by Module" section (which I do like very much about 5.1) and verified that they are enabled, for administrator and authenticated user, but still: nada for the content entry. Sigh.

But, the basics of the system are in place, I have vict^H^H^Holunteers to test it out, I even managed to set up the new user accounts properly. Now I'm just waiting to hear back from them after they've messed around a bit. We'll see what folks have to say, although based on my own experience I think I'm going to send a gentle inquiry about whether a quick tutorial would be welcome...

In the meantime, I'm on to the next CMS candidate: WebGUI. I've got the package downloaded and Monday (if all goes well and no other crises arise!) I'm going to start the installation. I figure if I need outside technical support, well, I got the OK to do it for Drupal, so I should be fine to get it for this as well.

I think for the wiki packages I want to evaluate I may not install them locally to do it. Both candidates - MediaWiki and Twiki - have installations at MPOW, and I think I'll just ask the administrators for accounts and permission to mess about in a sandbox area. At this point, it's taken me almost as long to get the first candidate up and running than I expected to spend on the whole project - silly me! Ha. At least now I know... and as long as we have a functioning site (which we do) there's no real urgent push or deadline for having this in place. If I want to putz around for the rest of the year on this project, I can... except for the fact I put a speaker proposal into Internet Librarian for this, so I guess I have an October deadline instead!

I won't brag about our current weather conditions. Suffice it to say that this week was spring for us, and a glorious spring it has been! (I say that because we're predicted to hit 92° by Monday.)

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