December 5, 2006

PoM: What is a Digital Asset?

NEDCC Preservation of Memory Conference
Speaker: Richard Pearce-Moses, Arizona State Library & Archives

His first comment really made me laugh: Everyone needs to get over their fear of the boxes! (meaning computers)

Created a "dictionary" of terms for use in Arizona's state digital preservation process, specifically how we use language, jargon & acronyms

"Precision" vs "Consensus" in defining terms

No nice, neat, clean taxonomy; a definition of a thing can be anything - a digital asset is basically anything you want it to be!

Functions of a digital asset
- curation, discovery, preservation

Characteristics: of the asset itself, and as a surrogate
- context, content, structure

Prescriptive definition of a digital asset:
- Digital information that:
* is valuable (time/money)
* has variety of purpose
* has content
* has context
* has a structure

Think about the emphasis of digital assets as "items".

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