December 11, 2006

PoM: Making Digital Preservation Affordable: Values and Business Models

NEDCC Persistence of Memory Conference
Speaker: Simon Tanner, King's College London

(Guy's doing some interesting things around the world with digital collections - is manager for Desmond Tutu Digital Archive - very cool!)

Revenue generation models

Role of public repositories: place where community "connects with the past and invents its future"

It's about *time*! (time to take action is short, but the actions are continuous)

Attention Economy

What does all this mean for our future?
- Attention is vital to economic sustainability
- Access is valued more than preservation by the users
- Without access, there are very few long term preservation strategies that are sustainable
- How do we finance this? Talk to the designated community & compare costs with OAIS model

Cost & Business models (they are not the same thing!)

Balancing costs, benefits, and mission

eSPIDA approach

Risk Management
- Essential to quantify consequences & risk of loss of digital materials

Justifying & building a case
- Identify timeframe in which action can be taken
- Build awareness of increasing dependence on digital materials
- Produce evidence of cost elements
- Be persuasive!
- Emphasize the strategic fit with current goals
- Show a clear understanding between costs and benefits
- Benefit the designated community!

Levers to get your way
- Legal accountability
- Risk consequences
- Ownership of the problem
- Accountability
- Critical to mission

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