December 11, 2006

PoM Summarized

Well, from my point of view, this was an interesting but ultimately unusable way to spend two days. It was not clear from the preliminary material (printed or website) that the primary, nay only, focus of the conference would be on cultural resource management. So, while it was interesting to hear about what museums and university libraries are doing (especially the collaborative efforts going on), I didn't come away with anything to try out at MPOW.

My favorite speakers were Richard Pearce-Moses (very lively speaker), Elizabeth Yakel (she's actually using tools we're using, like wikis and Google Analytics and things!), and Simon Tanner (he's an engaging and entertaining speaker, even if I don't have to worry about cost models).

I don't think I'd attend another one of these. I got more out of the "School for Scanning" conference I attended in 2001, which apparently NEDCC runs annually; I might check it out for next year, but SolidWorks World, SLA and Internet Librarian come first on the things-to-go-to list!

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