May 10, 2006

Reading at Work

So, I've just discovered Pop Goes the Library, a blog about pop culture and librarians. (How perfect!) Interestingly enough, the very first post I read, "What's so funny about reading at work?", really resonated with me - I have the same problem. I'm three months behind on reading my various library publications, and never seem to be caught up on the blogs, yet I feel guilty if I crack open Computers in Libraries or Library Journal while at my desk.

Liz B (the author of the post in question) has some very, very good points; in order to do our job effectively, we have to read! My situation is a bit different; I don't need to create reading lists, etc, for my patrons - but in order to provide the best tools to my engineering team, I do need to keep up on CiL, Information Today, Ars Technica, and the various Microsoft and Linux news. And in order to keep up with what the rest of the library world is doing (I live in such a small corner of it!) I've got to keep up with the rest of the news!

I hereby resolve to not feel guilty any more about reading library journals, library blogs, tech blogs, and tech news at work.

Currently: 75° and clear.

Updated May 16th to make the links live!


Kathy Dempsey said...

Hi Ruth!

I had to check in on your new blog. good start; keep going!

I was especially excited to see you mention Computers in Libraries magazine (the serial that ate my life). Sorry, tho, that you didn't make it a live link. Enquiring minds might want to know about it! ;-)

CIL is one publication that I have to read at work -- every article, over and over. As editor in chief, that's a task I can't get out of. With everything else, I'm farther behind in my reading than you are! Only 3 months? I'm jealous!


Ruth said...

hi Kathy!

Thanks for checking it out :-) and you're right, I should have made those links live - I've just done so!

Don't worry, CiL will appear again in this space *grin*


Christina said...

When I was a solo librarian, I scheduled "professional development time" on Thursday mornings. I just read and browsed and learned. It didn't matter what else needed to be done (well, I dropped everything for customers, of course)...