May 3, 2006


I'm currently enjoying the latest issue of Archaeology, while mourning the demise of Archaeology Odyssey (which was subsumed into Biblical Archaeological Review). I'm not enjoying that so much...I'd like more archaeology from around the world and less focus on one particular set of religious writings in one particular geographic location. I have been reading the latest news on the Gnostic Gospels with a great deal of interest, though, and reading the differences in how they're discussed in the two publications is quite fascinating.

My ideal dream job would be on that combined forensics, archaeology, and librarianship. If you ever come across a job like that, please let me know!

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Self Confessed Walkover said...

I'm afraid my job doesn't combine all of those things, but it covers a certain amount of libraianship and archaeology! I work on what is known here in the UK as the Historic Environment Record. I work on keeping the database of all known in the area up to date through information passed to me by members of the public, information in journals etc so a certain amount of reading :) I have to provide help and information for research purposes and commercial companies. I work with old maps and aerial photographs. I also get to find out whats going on archaeology wise in the area, have the occasional site visit etc. I always argue I get a lot of my organisational skills etc from my parents, both of whom are librarians.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a job that covered all the aspects you want?

Ruth said...

Hey, I'll take any 2 of the 3, to be honest. Your job sounds fascinating - and the UK is *such* a rich trove of archaeological resources. How cool for you!