May 12, 2006

The Importance of Conferences

I've got two conferences coming up in June, SLA and LISA V; I'm looking forward to both of them. Not just for what I learn in the formal sessions, but for the invaluable networking that's done at these events. There's a long discussion going on one of the listservs I belong to, for the Solo Librarians Division of SLA, about whether it's worth going, about how to handle it if your company won't pay for you to attend, and other topics along those lines.

I'm incredibly fortunate that my organization sends me not only to SLA but to Internet Librarian every year; they recognize the importance of professional development and encourage all of us to keep up with it. They also pay my membership dues to SLA. I have to admit to a bit of naiveté; I thought most organizations would want this for their staff, and had assumed for many years that it was part and parcel of the employment package. I have since learned otherwise, and it's helped me realize once again how much I enjoy my job, and how lucky I am to have it.

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