May 29, 2007

Random Musings du Jour

First off, in this post-Memorial Day posting, I'd like to say that I'm honored to come from a line of military members. If things had been different in the summer of 1988, I'd have most likely made the third generation in the Air Force. I have many friends in both the Army and the Air Force, and my thoughts are often with them, especially those who are in theater.

OK. Today's Random Musings are:

* A nicely-written ode to a place I spent some time: "Hilo: Hawaii's Forgotten City" (thanks, Liz!)

* This is just too darned cool: Google Launches Streetside View! I can only assume Tucson is way down the list, but it's pretty nifty as it is. I just got a look at the Denver Convention Center, where I'll be next week!

* An amusing mashup if you like Monty Python and Star Wars: King Arthur Vs. Darth Vader.

* OK, this one really is about librarians! Leonid Mamchenkov has his librarian stereotype shaken up. (Good!)

95° today but it doesn't seem that warm. Maybe it's the whole 9%Rh!

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