June 16, 2006

SLA 2006

Wow, what a week. It kicked off with a hotel mix-up about my room, then continued with a lovely bout of food poisoning. Plus, we all apparently overloaded the hotel's wireless capabilities, and I never did get logged in while I was staying there.

On the up side, the conference itself was great! Summaries of the sessions I attended can be found on the PAMblog site (all posted June 16th, the first chance I had to blog!). I'm looking forward to reading posts on other sessions I wasn't able to attend.

In addition to conference photos, I took a few fun photos of my time in Baltimore, and they can be seen at my Flickr page under the SLA2006 tag.

The weather was also lovely; Monday it actually rained! What a nice change for me. Now I'm back in the desert; can't complain much, though, as it's currently only 90°.

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