June 19, 2006

LISA V: Libraries and the Virtual Observatory

The first session was on Libraries and the Virtual Observatory. These are my notes, not detailed transcriptions, and may include my own opinions.

R. Hanisch - Digital Data Preservation at STScI

Discussion of the NVO. The VO is not a centralized data repository but is about data discovery, access, and integration. Introduction to ADIL, Astronomy Digital Image Library…. A repository but it is not connected to the generating data in any way.

VOStore – “local” storage space that the VO knows about; if you can get, say, the image or FITS file from an ApJ paper, you can save the file to your VOSpace and get more information on the area in question.

They’re trying a prototype project using astro scholarly publications as a testbed, to investigate operational costs, support, policies for preservation of peer-reviewed journal content and associated supporting data. Require digital data availability as requirement for publication?

Many tasks ahead, i.e. metadata definition, CMS, physical storage and archiving, etc. Working with NVO and many journals (AAS, UCPress, etc); support is committed or promised from a number of sources, and they’re looking at starting development in fall 2006.

F. Woelfel – Content of the EDS

Simbad (astronomical objects & bib references), Vizier (catalogues), Aladin (atlas), InfoIDIC (dictionary of nomenclature). The purpose is to collect, distribute and preserve information via these tools; the CDS team includes specialized librarians, astronomers, and computer engineers.

G. Eichhorn – Connectivity in the ADS

Review of what’s in the ADS, how it’s connected, how to connect to it. Permanent linking…. Data set identifiers and data centers, centralized through ADS. (Data centers are just coming online.)

More info on the Data Set Linking System at vo.ads.harvard.edu

A. Holl – Observations and publications in the VO: is the VO only for Big Science?

Little Science is just as important for a wide variety of reasons.


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