June 1, 2006

Conferences on the horizon

So, it's only a week or so until SLA 2006, followed by LISA V - I'm getting excited! Hopefully there'll be some new usable information at SLA this year, and LISA always sounds great - I'm glad I finally get to go to one of them. Plus, I get to see old friends and new ones, and travel around a couple of new places, which is always fun.

I'll be blogging SLA on the PAMblog site, and will probably blog LISA here. My first conference blogs! Woo hoo!

I also hope that if I bump into a biblioblogosphere A-lister, I do more this time around than go "Hey! Blue highways!" (My memorable, to me at least, greeting to Karen Schneider at IL last year. It was pretty pathetic.)

Currently 100.8°.

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