June 13, 2006

SLA 2006 - It's a start

So, this is the first chance I've had to get at a computer with an Internet connection since I arrived - apparently there are so many of us connected librarians staying at my hotel we've overloaded their Internet service and noone can log in! As always, the cybercafe is packed; I'm about to run out of my 10 minutes. Think I'll take my laptop to the nearby Starbucks and use their WiFi to get some posts done!

It's been a good conference so far, aside from the food poisoning.... some great PAM events so far, and a good session on archiving Web resources. I'll post more - including pictures from the PAM Business Meeting - when I have more time.

In Baltimore, it's a lovely 70° and the air feels quite silky! (It's all that humidity they have here.)

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