August 16, 2006

Stormy Weather

Usually, when monsoons arrive, they build throughout the day then unleash the lovely rain on us in the late afternoons and/or early evenings. Today, however, we all awoke to a surprise - grey skies above us and thunder crashing in the distance. By the time of the morning commute, the city was being hammered with serious rain; it rained almost 2" in just under an hour at my house (based on my very scientific measuring cup on the back patio).

That's a lot of water all at once for us, and the ground is already saturated from earlier rains (another non-usual occurence for us, usually we're gasping for rain) so the flooding in the streets has been interesting. The washes around my house are roaring bank-to-bank, and I can only imagine what the Rillito River looks like (aside from actually having water in it!) - think I'll run by at lunchtime and take a picture or two!

Right now, it's a truly beautiful and cool 76°, with a whopping 80%Rh.

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