August 14, 2006

New Use for RFID?

TUSD is testing out a program (on a few school buses) that'll track students when they get on and off the bus, where they are at noon, and when they're dropped off. Now, it seems that a few local school districts (not TUSD) are testing out another program that'll text-message a students' parents if he or she is missing from the morning roll-call.

While most of me thinks these are both useful tools - along with metal detectors, it's sad that we need them but good to have around - a small part of me wonders if this is the start of a larger "track everyone's actions and locations at all times" program. I mean, if you get students used to the idea, they'll grow up thinking it's perfectly normal, and suddenly we're in 1984. (And since I try not to rant about politics here, I'll leave it at that.)


Currently 88° and 50%RH. Tough call on whether it'll rain or not, but I'm betting not.

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