August 15, 2006

School's Starting Again

And the way I can tell this is because the hordes of kids who apparently can't read but can drive cars have returned. One way street? "But I get to choose which way that is, right?" Do not park here or your car will be towed? "Hey, has anybody seen my car?" Sheesh.

I won't even start on the be-iPod'ed (or be-cell-phoned) student who's looking at the student paper, a map of campus or the latest People and steps off the curb and into oncoming traffic, from between parked cars, without looking up once. I'm surprised more students aren't flattened the first week of school here. Sheesh.

*mumble*grumble* Those darn kids!

Only 90° and 44%Rh. Not much gonna happen today, I think.

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