August 16, 2006

Can we just paste over the affected sections?

"Pluto dodged a bullet today. " In an article on the New York Times website titled "For Now, Pluto Holds Its Place in Solar System", Dennis Overbye reports on a plot afoot to change the definition of planet and, possibly, instantly expand our solar system to more than a dozen planets. It's weird to think about Pluto not being the last planet. I'd always kind of hoped that we'd discover more planets, but it never crossed my mind that they might be planetisimals that got promoted. And when I think about all the science textbooks that'd instantly be outdated, I shudder....

Reading this article ("This will be the talk of the town in Prague") was a nice break from feverish review document preparation.

The day continues to be lovely with overcast skies, 85° temps and 50%Rh.

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