July 12, 2008

Take My Survey, Please!

(Insert bad stand-up comedic sounds here...)

No, seriously, folks, I'm looking for librarians to give me input to a survey about perceptions. I'd really appreciate the help. Pretty please with sugar on top?


(Addendum: This is the same survey I sent out about a month ago; I'm hoping for more input. If you've already participated, thank you! If not, please consider it.)


Scot Colford said...

Sorry, is this a new survey? Went to fill it out and saw my autofill trying to complete stuff and I'm *pretty* sure I filled this out from a previous missive you sent out. Just don't want others to have the same thing happen.

Ruth said...

Sorry about that, Scot - no, this is the same survey I posted about a month ago. I'm getting close to cutoff time and I was hoping to get a few more entries! Thanks for participating :-)

Miss E said...

I forgot to add that I really liked a Law & Order rerun that I saw recently, in which Briscoe and Green go to the library. I feel that Law & Order consistently gives an accurate portrayal of what the library will/won't do - without focusing too much on the "sexy librarian" stereotype!