July 17, 2008

2% "Other"

Over on TCM's Movie Morlocks Blog, Moira Finnie has posted a fun graph ("The World of Work According to Classic Movies") and then headed into a great summary and review of librarians in classic movies titled "One of the Invisible Professions on Screen". (Librarians fall into the "2% Other" category on the chart.) More recent portrayals of librarians show up in the comments, too. It's worth a read not just for the summaries, but for the enjoyable way they're written. (thanks to Folderol.)

Currently 101° and no rain in sight.

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Moira Finnie said...

Hi Ruth,
Thanks very much for mentioning my article on the TCM Blog. Thanks to you and all the other great librarians who have linked into it, I've discovered a new world of "random musings" of every stripe. I'm delighted that you enjoyed my attempt to capture just a bit of the clich├ęd yet amusing ways that the movies have pictured this field.
Moira Finnie