July 8, 2008

Literary Tattoos and the LSW

OK, not together... well, not yet, at least... but I wanted to mention them both today!
  • Literary Tattoos, Books category. A lot of patience went into some of these inscriptions... reminds me of the Skin Project, "a story published on the skin of 2095 volunteers."
  • Hey! The Library Society of the World now has a website, in addition to the wiki! (Bonus: it's in Drupal.)
Speaking of Drupal... things are going swimmingly. I couldn't be happier! I'll actually be embarking on a new Drupal installation in the coming weeks, this time implementing web-based forms (a whole new module set to investigate!). I'll, no doubt, whine about the whole thing here :-D

It's only 96° so far today, with a 30% chance of rain (and 30% Rh; just enough to feel sticky.)

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