February 2, 2007

Eyes Wide Open

OK, I try not to talk politics here, so if polititalk bothers you, skip this posting.

While walking back from lunch today on the student mall, I saw a crowd of people. Wandering over to see what was going on, I came upon my first Empty Boots memorial, put on by Eyes Wide Open.

Empty Boots: Military Empty Boots: Civilian

It was like being punched in the stomach. I am pro-military but anti-war (yes, that is a possible combination); I come from a long line of military service, went to school on a military scholarship, and have many friends in the military. This war is senseless to me; this was something I knew long ago, but to see the row upon row of empty boots and shoes, all with a tag representing someone dead, was like a physical blow. Before I realized what was happening, I was crying. (Thankfully, the volunteers who organized this were prepared and had boxes of tissues handy. There are some great, strong people who do this.)

If you have not experienced one of these, do so. Regardless of your political party, stance on the war, feelings about G. W., or any of that - visit the exhibit's site and see when they'll be in your area. Then go. Walk through. Listen to the speakers reading the names of the dead. And mourn.


Anonymous said...

My dear child -
If you were less than moved by what you saw, I didn't do my job right. Every child should learn that casualties in a "war" aren't the faceless "they" - but humans with hopes and dreams and fears - just like the young men, too many of them poor, under-educated, and who took the military as a way "out" and ended up being cannon fodder. I'm proud that you were touched - for your sake, and for mine....

Ruth said...

thanks, Mom. Rest assured, you did a good job... I just wept. Here it is, over a week later, and I still get upset just looking at the pictures.