November 12, 2010

The Little Librarian... really?

"Be a Real Librarian. Just Add Books!" I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this new toy. I'm all for encouraging reading, but... Hm. As someone who's been obsessively organizing her books at home for years (decades?) this would probably have appealed to me as a kid, but then again, so would a copy of the AACR. Nowadays, I'm not so sure; it doesn't quite represent the modern library anymore. But does that matter, really? This toy is going to appeal to any kid like I was, with a love of books and of categorization, who likes to keep track of who has the books.

(Then again, a gift subscription to LibraryThing would serve the same purpose, I think!)


Melanie H. said...

I can see how this would leave you going "Hmmmm". But as a children's librarian, I'm all for it. Anything to get the kids excited about books and reading! - Melanie H.

The Jobless Librarian said...

As a child I would have loved this toy! It sounds like a good way for kids to encourage reading amongst their friends.