July 13, 2009

Tattoos and Cartoons

Thanks to Pamela A, who I met at SLA and who then sent me a photocopy of a cartoon that just made me laugh, you too can check out the winners of last year's Caption Contest of the Pittsburg Post-Gazette. To the right you can see the cartoon to be captioned; be sure to check out the top suggestions! My particular favorites:
  • "Miss Vivian hoped that her 'extreme makeover' would put muscle behind the 'no food or drink in the library' rule."
  • "With the entire Dewey Decimal System tattooed on Ernie's body, the library saved a ton of money on costly computer systems."
In other news, the Texas Library Association is at it again with their calendar fundraiser, this time with the "Tattooed Librarians of Texas". Brilliant!

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