November 4, 2008

IL2008: The Networking Aspect

Now that I'm starting to recover from the Internet Librarian Death Flu (thanks to whoever brought it and shared it with all of us!), I can finally post my final IL2008 wrapup: while there were great sessions, and good tips and tricks, it really was all about the networking. Seeing conference friends again from past years and places, meeting folks F2F for the first time that I've known online, and making new connections - it's really invaluable. I'm quite pleased to have met all the folks I finally did, and it's always such a great time to see friends again.

Plus, you can't discount the social aspects:

Ruth & Robin gettin' down Me and the Webgoddess gettin' down at karaoke!

Merry & Ruth Miriella and I agree on a favorite color.

Cybertours: Kneale My own very modest contribution to the IL Cybertours.

And now: back to the usual holdings-forth! Currently 78° and sunny; a lovely day.

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