November 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Me

Yesterday marked my 17th anniversary with AURA, the parent organization of both companies I've worked for shortly after I graduated with a BS in astronomy and no clue what to do with my life. Due to the incestuous nature of large telescope design projects, I'm working with (either still or again) many of the same folks who first met me as a 22-year-old... who have had no compunction about telling me how much I've changed since then :-D

Provided things don't implode in the next six months thanks to the economy, I should make 20 years easy. That's kind of odd to think about.

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Hedgehog Librarian said...

Wow! Happy Anniversary! I'm such a gypsy I can't imagine 20 years at one place. Not that I'd mind finding somewhere I was happy enough--just don't think I've quite figured out my niche yet. Good for you!