January 9, 2008

Links Du Jour

Nothing earth-shattering here, folks, just three links of interest:

* Announcing the publication of "Sexy Librarian: A Novel", by Julia Weist, which "introduces us to Audrey Reed, a New York artist who trades her hip urban life for a job at a small public library in Minnesota." Haven't read it yet, but I'm watching the listserv discussions and contemplating reserving it at the library (or at least requesting a copy).

* The Woeful Librarian has posted an essay on "Perpetuating the Librarian Stereotype" that discusses a couple of other librarian-related news articles that I missed over the holidays and discusses their impact. My fave line is "Most librarians are ordinary people who just happen to have superb organizational, and research kung fu." Yes!! (Note: Slightly NSFW wording at the end.)

*A 3-pager from the Grand Rapids Press touts the fact that "Modern librarians are hip, tech-saavy". Right off the bat, writer Morgan Jarema says "But maybe the thing librarians do best is defy stereotypes." Yes!!

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